Vain Crystal

The enemy's Vain Crystal is the primary target of both teams. If a team has their vain crystal destroyed, it is considered a loss for that team. Players should try to defend their vain crystal as much as destroying the opposing team's.

Vain Crystal

Vain crystal is defended by 2 turrets in base


It appears as a team-colored crystal floating in mid-air, surrounded by two turrets. Below the crystal is a small, black circle. When destroyed, it will slowly shatter apart, then it will explode into crystal bits. After that, it is considered a win for the team that destroyed it.


  • Skaarf's Goop ability will alight the core of the Vain Crystal, so it appears as though The Crystal is held above a flaming pile of Goop.
  • In the Initiation, it is heavily damaged along with the turrets.
  • The turret has a barrier, which is at a max of 800, regenerating at 200 per second, which comes down once minions or the Kraken is in range.
  • The Vain Crystal is invincible until all turrets are destroyed.