Whoo! I'm excited for the new hero, Grumpjaw. Complete with built in tankiness, movement abilities, and an ulti that can simply remove and control the fate of one enemy and still be able to attack while doing so - his ulti involves swallowing and disabling a target enemy for a total of 3 seconds, after which he spits them out in a target direction.

This patch sees a general buff to the daily chests: instead of one chest every 24 hours, players will now gain one chest every six hours, while being able to hold up to two in reserve. I'm personally hoping they buff the guild chests, as they felt very lackluster across the board.

In addition to the chests and the new heroes, very few hero changes have occured this patch. Catherine, Petal, and Fortress are seeing slight buffs, Idris is getting a nice buff, as well as Krul, and Lance and Ringo are being toned down a bit - Lance with his shield, and Ringo with his total energy and slight debuff to his A.

All in all, I'm going to enjoy the new patch, and I hope my adoption goes through, as I would love to get this wikia back on its feet. If anyone still visits here, leave a comment, and add me ingame @ IkerzTheMage. See you in the Fold!

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