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  • IkerzTheMage


    July 29, 2017 by IkerzTheMage

    I am back, and with renewed energy! Expect steady updates and reformatting. As usual, look on my blog posts for the Discord link, and I hope to see you guys on the Fold!

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  • IkerzTheMage

    Hey there!

    July 3, 2017 by IkerzTheMage

    Glad you're here, and thanks for stopping by! Since you're here, you've probably noticed how mismatched or outdated some info is, and that's because I'm not really able to play or even get on VG right now. This should change around August or September, but right now all I can do is aid people in design choices and coordinate editing efforts. If you would like to help with updating and curating this place, please join and contact me on the VG Wiki Discord ( link ) where I'll be in contact until my return. Best of luck, and see you around!

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  • IkerzTheMage

    Hey guys!

    March 29, 2017 by IkerzTheMage

    Howdy, everyone! This is to let you all know I'm still here, and have not disappeared. Currently, and for the past six weeks, my grandfather has been in and out of the hospital, and I'm helping my grandmother watch over him. Next time I'm in there to take notes of what's happening and just generally assist with him, I'll start working on the Wiki.

    Sorry I've been so inactive! Spread the word about this Wikia, and see you on the Fold!

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  • IkerzTheMage

    I did it!

    March 6, 2017 by IkerzTheMage

    I have successfully adopted this Wiki! I hope to do well by it, as well as grow its community. To do so, I need tons of people working on it, getting sound files ( which was my sole purpose for starting this venture, I've been data mining ), keeping fresh news circulating, and updating items and heroes when they need it!

    Because of how I want to approach this, if anyone has any comments, questions, or suggestions, I urge you to leave a note on my message wall, even if it's something simple.

    If communicating through Wikia is difficult or annoying, find me here:

    Thug Tug Vainglory Discord Server:

    Just mention you're from the wiki, and we'll get you set up

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  • IkerzTheMage

    Patch 2.2 is here!

    February 28, 2017 by IkerzTheMage

    Whoo! I'm excited for the new hero, Grumpjaw. Complete with built in tankiness, movement abilities, and an ulti that can simply remove and control the fate of one enemy and still be able to attack while doing so - his ulti involves swallowing and disabling a target enemy for a total of 3 seconds, after which he spits them out in a target direction.

    This patch sees a general buff to the daily chests: instead of one chest every 24 hours, players will now gain one chest every six hours, while being able to hold up to two in reserve. I'm personally hoping they buff the guild chests, as they felt very lackluster across the board.

    In addition to the chests and the new heroes, very few hero changes have occured this patch. Catherine, Petal, and Fortres…

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