• VAINGLORY | APR 08, 2014

We’re about a week away from the next app update. But it’s been a while, so I wanted to take a second to preview what’s to come …


Update 1.06 focuses primarily on player pain and performance issues. The biggest reported pain point is match AFKs, resulting in 2v3s and 1v3s. We are very sensitive to this issue, and we’re not done addressing it. But as a first step, we want to wipe out AFKs from match start. That’s what Match Accept is for.

You’ll join the Public Queue just as you do now, but before a match starts, the Matchmaker will first ask you to “accept” the match being formed. If you fail to respond or decline the match, all other players will be returned to the Public Match queue, with priority for the next match formed. Making players accept matches confirms that they’re present and ready to play. In addition, we’ve fixed a bug that sometimes caused players to not enter a match properly. Between these two things, we believe the vast majority of match-start AFKs will be resolved.

We know that doesn’t address mid-match leavers, and we’ll be addressing that separately. Just know we care about leavers A LOT and won’t stop until our dedicated players are consistently having great 3v3 matches with teammates and opponents at their skill level.


In this post, SurpriseBirthday walks through all the gameplay tweaks, including a new Heroic Perk for Catherine and a full item remake!


We’re going to save the reveal for the release of version 1.06, but Kindred will have an awesome new game name. There are a number of reasons for this. Ultimately, Kindred was always intended to be our working title for the game during internal development. Honestly, we should have probably revealed the new name sooner, but we didn’t realize the player base would grow so rapidly while we were still so new! Sorry to anyone who has grown attached to the name “Kindred: Asunder.” We hope you love the new name as much as we do and enjoy how it’s integrated into the game world. More about this soon …


You’ll get the full lowdown when 1.06 releases. The two main callouts are:

  • For anyone seeing a “Are You Connected to WiFi?” message, we’ve resolved this for most reported cases.
  • The infamous “Double Catherine” bug is fixed. No more two (or three) of the same hero! Hope you enjoyed the wackiness while it lasted!

That’s it for now. We’ll post more on this topic when update 1.06 is live. In the meantime, let us know what you think in the forums!

Cheers, PlayoffBeard

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