The Kraken is a Jungle Boss that spawns and replaces the Gold Miner 15:00 minutes into a Standard match. It can be captured by attacking it until "capturing" meter is full. After capturing, it will slowly move towards lane and kill any active base structures until it's health bar is drained completely by the opposing team. Once defeated, it will respawn in 2 minutes.


The Kraken is a beautfiul beast - spawned from the Crystal's influence, she is the tallest entity in the game, making even Phinn and Lance look like ants. The colored spikes on her back reflect which team has captured her. While neutral and idle, she frequently roars, but remains passive at her place before the mine.


Once she has spawned, the Kraken is available to capture by each team. Keep in mind, however, it is a very tough beast, and will not go down without a fight. While it attacks very slowly, it hits very hard, and will kill most carries in just a few hits. Let your tankiest ally land the first blow to minimize damage taken. Heroes like Krul can easily solo the Kraken, but it will take slightly longer to do so.

Keep an eye out for potential Kraken snipes! Characters like Celeste and Kestrel can really ruin your day, as can a sneaky Cath or Lance. Make sure to have plenty of vision on and around the Kraken pit to avoid such tragedies, as you worked hard for that Kraken.

After capturing

Once captured, the Kraken will heal and recharge your team for a few seconds, bringing all allies back to full health and mana, until it wears off or you take damage from enemy heroes. Once in lane, she will ignore all minions and enemies and stomp down all turrets in her path until she reaches the Vain crystal, whereupon she attacks that too!

If a Kraken is released onto your team, don't lose hope! She can be brought down fairly quickly late game, and items like Bonesaw and Stormcrown can help a lot with dropping her health bar. Once killed, she lets out one final roar, slumps to the ground, and grants her slayers 500 gold each. Be mindful of this reward, as you can give enemy team members the gold they need to begin a comeback.

After dying, the next Kraken spawns in about 3 minutes, so take this time to prepare for another round!


  • The name of this Jungle Boss came from a squid-like monster of Norse mythology.