Taka tier 1 lore

by SugarVenom


Maza bent to peer into the ornate wooden box at her feet. It had been delivered to House Kamuha in the night without catching a single guard’s attention. A face grinned up at her from within the box, its mouth forced with twine into a grotesque grin.

“It is Ryota.” Maza knelt by the box, running her claw-like hands over its carvings. “I sent him to collect this year’s contributions from the mountain villages.”

“Rumors spread through the villages of a Shiro Kage who has come to free the people from the mandatory contributions. He killed Hibiki, and now Ryota, and we lost Taka in the spring,” grumbled Isshin.

Tch. Shadows cease to exist when light is shined upon them.” Maza closed the lid of the box. “What do we know about this Shiro Kage? He is deadly. He has a youthful morality, but indecent humor. He seeks to right the wrongs of House Kamuha. Who fits that description, my son?”

“Only one,” whispered Isshin. “But how can it be?”

“Find Taka. Do not underestimate him.”