Health 620 (+66)
    Energy 410 (+35)
    Armor 20 (+6)
    Shield 20 (+6)
    Weapon 64 (+6.36)
    Atk speed 1 (+)
    Range 6.0
    Move speed 3.2

Attack Type: Ranged
Position: Lane/Jungle
Role: Jungler

Stat Level 1 - 12
Health: 620 - 1346
Energy: 410 - 718
Armour: 20 - 86
Shield: 20 - 86
Weapon: 64 - 134
Attack speed:



Petal commands a flock of pets she uses to swarm her enemies from range. She excels at long, sustained fights where the chomping attacks of her small army really add up. This adorable creature of the forest brings a potent combination of damage and healing potential to any team.



Petal's basic attacks mark enemy heroes with sunlight. If a Munion bites a marked target, the sunlight is consumed and Petal gains 20%-65% attack speed for 1.5 seconds.

Brambleboom Seeds

Petal plants a brambleboom seed directly in front of her. Seeds have a small vision radius. A few moments after Petal plants a seed, it will automatically sprout into a Munion, which will fight alongside Petal, up to a maximum of 3 Munions. If an enemy steps on a seed, the seed explodes and knocks the enemy back.


  • Cooldown: 2 / 2 / 2 / 2 / 2
  • Energy Cost: 60 / 65 / 70 / 75 / 80
  • Pet Health


Petal leaps in the target direction, leaving a seed behind at her original location. Using this ability will amplify Petal's weapon and crystal power for 4 seconds.


Spontaneous Combustion

Petal commands a Munion to explode, slowing an dealing splash damage to nearby enemies while healing nearby allies. Detonated pets become seeds. This ability has 3 charges.



  1. Always maintain three Munion pets to maximize damage and healing potential!
  2. Use Trampoline! to close long distances on enemies and maintain damage output.
  3. Wait for enemies to commit to a teamfight before using Spontaneous Combustion.