Ozo splashart
    Health 780 (+95)
    Energy 350 (+27)
    Armor 20 (+6)
    Shield 20 (+6)
    Weapon 80 (+7)
    Atk speed 1 (+0.033)
    Range 1.7
    Move speed 3.3

Attack Type: Melee
Position: Jungle
Role: Jungler

Stat Level 1 - 12
Health: 780 - 1825
Energy: 350 - 650
Armor: 20 - 86
Shield: 20 - 86
Weapon: 80 - 157
Attack speed: 1.00 - 1.36


A carnival monkey never lets silly things like danger and fear keep him from a great time. Ozo runs straight into chaotic fights, bounces off heads and delivers big time area-of-effect damage with his razor-sharp ring. Build some defense items to keep Ozo in combat, and look for combinations of nearby enemies to maximize Ozo's damage.


Carnie Luck

Ozo receives 15%-30% additional healing, barrier and fortified health from all sources. (This does not affect health regeneration.)

Three-Ring Circus

Ozo performs a three-hit combo with his ring. Each part of the combo is a separate tap within a 5-second window.

First hit: Ozo thrusts his ring forward, damaging the target and other enemies in front of him. Second hit: Ozo dashes through his target and deals damage. Final hit: Ozo spins, damaging all nearby enemies.

Each hit deals weapon damage, can crit and triggers basic-attack effects. Ozo heals for each enemy damaged by any of these hits (30% against non-heroes).


  • Cooldown: 8 / 7.5 / 7 / 6.5 / 5
  • Energy Cost:


Ozo hops onto the head of a nearby target (enemy, ally or creature), dealing damage and slowing it. (No negative impact to allies.) While Ozo is airborne, quickly tap a nearby target to bounce off one head to the other, with three hops maximum. Each time Ozo starts a jump, he is granted fortified health. The final landing deals increased damage plus a bonus per prior bounce. If Ozo hops at least twice, he’ll get a burst of move speed up to a maximum of 4.5. Reduced crystal scaling vs. minions.



Ozo charges up then rolls towards a targeted enemy hero. If he reaches the target within 1 second, he deals damage, stuns for 0.8 seconds and flips the target over him. While rolling, Ozo will knock aside and deal reduced damage to all other enemies in his path.



  1. Ozo's Three-Ring Circus has three parts. Try to hit as many people as possible with the third part so you can heal yourself more.
  2. Use your Bangarang to flip enemies back toward your team.
  3. Chaining together Acrobounces requires practice, but once you can do it, you'll unlock huge damage and fun combos.
  4. Doing a basic attack between every Three Ring Circus is ideal, as it resets your auto-attack timer.