Health 1501
    Energy N/A
    Armor unknown
    Shield unknown
    Weapon 202
    Atk speed unknown
    Range unknown
    Move speed unknown
    1 This is their base health. The total health is calculated with the following equation: 150 + 95 per level + 40% crystal power.
    2 This is their base damage. The total damage is calculated with the following equation: 20 + 15 per level + 45% crystal power.

Petal's heroic perk allows her to control three 'munions' who fight for her. When using minion candy, it makes Munions even stronger.

Bug Petal Munions

Tier 1.

Bug Petal Munion 1

Tier 2.


Pumkin Spice petal Munions 

Pumpkin spice petal munion-0

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