An item is an artifact or object from Vainglory history that are featured in-game as purchaseble upgrades that enhance a hero's kit for the duration of a single match.

A Hero can only carry six items and one active infusion at a time, so buying the right items at the right time plays a critical role to success in Vainglory. Currently, items in Vainglory are only obtainable through the item shop, located inside the Sancturary (also known as the "spawn platform" or "base").There is also an item shop in the middle of the jungle below the Kraken Pit, but this jungle shop does not spawn in the map until 4 minutes. This jungle shop serves the same purpose as the item shop in the Sancutrary. These item shop are also where items are sold back for 50% of the total gold spent to obtain them. The exceptions to this rule are Flares Guns (Sold for 60% of gold spent), Halycon Potions (Sold for 100% of gold spent), and Weapon / Crystal Infusions (Also sold for 100% of gold spent).


Every item in Vainglory provides some sort of a positive effect, that enhance a hero's kit the moment the item is purchased. An item's primary effect is usually Statistics, however, many items also grant secondary effects, such as Passives and Actives, that provide heroes with additional benefits beyond raw statistics. Consumables are an exception, as all consumables in Vainglory do not grant any sort of effect until they are consumed.

In Vainglory, you can see which of these effects are present in an item by simply looking at the item description, as they will usually specify which kind of effect it possesses with a "Passive " or "Active" tag. If no such tag is present in the item's descrption (as is the case with items that grant raw statistcal enhancements such as Shatterglass or Sorrowblade), it usually means that they are either items that only effect a hero's raw statistics, or a Consumable 

Here is a list of every effect currently in Vainglory, summarized.

  • Statistics : Improves a Hero's raw statstics in a postive way. Every non-consumable item in Vainglory grants some sort of statistic increase. 
  • Actives : Actives effects are effects that are triggered by tapping on the item. All actives items in Vainglory have a cooldown until they can be used again.
  • Passives : Passives are effects that are triggered automatically without requiring any actions from the player ,or when certain conditions are met (e.g in combat with enemy heroes), Some passive effects have cooldowns that are measured in seconds, others have "points" that need to be refilled before the passive is able to be triggered again, and many simply do not have a cooldown of any sort, meaning that their passives can be effective at any time.
  • Consumables : Consumable items are the only type of items in Vainglory that do not provide any sort of effect until they are consumed,. as mentioned above. Consumables are also the only type of items that remain buyable even when all 6 slots are full, as there are 2 different ways to consume them. A. By tapping on them to consume them as you would with Actives items, or B. By simply buying them when all 6 item slots are full, which will automatically consume it the moment it is bought. Vision items are also classfied as Consumables.


Currently, the only effect that can stack in Vainglory is Statistics. Actives and Passives, such as the healing effect from Fountain Of Renewal generally DO NOT stack. There are exceptions to this rule, but not entirely. This includes Reflex Block and Boots


Recommended Items : This catergory is where you can purchase items recommended by the developers of the game. There are multiple build paths you can choose from each of which require significanly different play style to utilitze. While not always the most optimal build path due to the lack of counterbuilding mechanics, new players should opt to buy items from this category, as they are items chosen specifically for that hero in order to acheieve maximum synergy. 

Weapon Items (Red) : This category contains items that enhance a hero's basic attacks. This includes items that grant bonus weapon power, bonus attack speed, and unique Passive effects that can usually only be applied by basic attacking.

This, however, does not mean that the items in this catergory cannot be used to enhance a hero's abilities, as many heroes include a mechanic named "Weapon Ratios" in their abilites / kit. Weapon Ratio is a mechanic where bonus weapon power / attack speed enhances either the damage or the utility of the ability that includes the mechanic. This can also be applied the other way as well, as abilities that have weapon ratios and/or proc basic attack effects can also make good use of items in this category. 

Crystal Items (Blue) : This catergory contains items that enhance a hero's abilities. This includes items that grant bonus crystal power, bonus max energy (mana), bonus energy (mana) regen, cooldown reduction, and unique Active / Passive effects.

This, however, does not mean that basic attacks cannot utilitze the items in this category, much like the "Weapon Items" category above. However, as instances of where items in this category enhancing non-ability parts of a hero are much more complicated, please refer to the individual item pages for more information.

Defense Items (Green, Yellow Brown) : This catergory contains items that enhance the defensive stats of a hero. This includes items that grant bonus health, bonus shield / armor, and unique Actives / Passives that are usually tean-wide. Armor (Brown) items are very effective counters against heroes that are building "Weapon Items" , and shield (yellow) items are most effective against heroes building "Crystal Items".  

Utility Items (Pink) : This category contains items that are centered around providing team utility, which are usually Actives. 

Other : This category contains every single item that classifies as a Consumable. Also contains the 3 contracts.


All items in Vainglory have 3 tiers, Tier 1 / Tier 2 / Tier 3. Currently, only Tier 3 items (Highest and most expensive) grant effects such as Actives and Passives. Recipes : Tier 1 items are crafted from nothing, Tier 2 items can be upgraded from a T1 item or simply bought outright, and Tier 3 items are crafted using two T2 Items + bonus gold. Unlike the popular PC MOBA League of Legends however, every item in the shop can be bought regardless of whether the player already possesses the lower tiers of said item.

Will include what was in the original Items section soon, with pictures and links to pages as they are created. 

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