Grumpjaw is a durable fighter, able to last in battles while maintaining stacks of his Living Armor through basic attacks. Grumpjaw can charge headlong into a fight, heavily damaging and slowing enemies at the end of his charge. Once he breaks through enemy lines, Grumpjaw can easily turn the tides of battle by devouring one of his enemies and briefly removing them from the fight.


Living Armor

Grumpjaw’s hardened carapace grants him increased defenses. Every few seconds and every time he basic attacks, he gains a stack of Living Armor, up to a maximum of 5 stacks. Each stack grants bonus Armor and Shield. Enemies can remove stacks of Living Armor by dealing damage to Grumpjaw. He loses one stack per second while taking damage from basic attacks and abilities.


Grumpjaw charges to a target location, dealing crystal damage and slowing enemies in an area upon reaching his destination. Grumpjaw deals bonus damage for each stack of Living Armor.


Grumpjaw leaps toward his target and attacks them. Afterward, he gains bonus weapon damage and attack speed for several seconds.


Grumpjaw lunges forward, grabbing the first enemy hero in his path and devouring them whole. While the enemy is inside Grumpjaw’s belly, they are unable to move or act and their vision range is reduced to zero. After a few seconds, Grumpjaw will spit the enemy out in the direction he is facing. Grumpjaw can reactivate the ability to spit the enemy out early in a direction of his choice. If Grumpjaw is stunned, killed, or otherwise interrupted while eating, he will release his victim early.


  • Spit out the enemy just before Stuffed's duration ends, to maximize the distance.
  • Hangry is usually the main damage source for Weapon builds. It also makes Grumpjaw dash to the opponent, so it can act as a gapcloser.
  • Grumpy can used to initiate or catch up to fleeing enemies.
  • Living Armor condiserably reduces damage taken and increases the damage of Grumpy with each stack. It is better to start a fight with full stacks instead of few or none.

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