The Gold Miner is a Jungle Boss which spawns 5:00 minutes into the game and is replaced by The Kraken at 15:00 minutes. When defeated, it gives the enemy team which landed the last hit a set amount of gold depending on how long it has been mining, capping out at 400 gold.


Tip: The Gold Miner will be far more difficult for the enemy team to steal if Minion Candy is used, allowing the miner to better defend when alone.

The Gold Miner does not up your gold trickle, nor does it increase minion or hero gold payout.

The amount of gold you get in each of these instances relies entirely on how "full" it is, which is indicated on the clock-like icon for the Gold Mine on the mini-map. The implication here, is that it's actually not always a good idea to go for Gold Mine, because it may not be worth much, and then once you own it, you have to defend it. When you own it, you're down to two ways for it to pay out: Specifically, going for Gold Mine when it is relatively empty means you remove one of the ways you can make it pay out the maximum value, and give your opponents a chance to attack your team or your base structureswhile you are busy with it taking down. since the payout you get for capture is relative to how full it is when you capture it, you could be wasting your time fighting something that will give you less gold than a Minion.